C.C.T.V. (Closed-Circuit Television)

The ideal system to protect your property is CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). Not only does it act as a visual deterrent but the video or digital recording provides an invaluable method of recording all activity around your property

These days, there is a huge range of CCTV products to choose from, with a wealth of features. Systems range from a simple analogue or digital package to highly advanced digital systems which can be integrated into our other security systems such as intruder alarm or access control.

CCTV can be used to monitor virtually anything: domestic and commercial premises as well as stock, machinery, personnel, visitors, access control and Health & Safety requirements - the list is endless.

However, to get the most out of your system, you must install the right equipment. That's where our experience can help you make the right decision to ensure the technology works for you 24 hours a day.

Domestic C.C.T.V. Systems

Protecting your home with a CCTV system is growing in popularity. Fitting your home with one or more of our high resolution cameras will provide you with both an additional deterent to unwanted visitors, and a way of recording the vital evidence required to assist in the identification of any unwanted visitor or behaviour.

F.R.F. Alarms install a wide range of cameras to suit all requirements. From highly visible Bullit cameras with variable focus and auto iris lenses to day and night dome cameras with infra red lighting.

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Commercial C.C.T.V. Systems

An F.R.F. Alarms CCTV system can offer such a wide area of applications and benefits 24-hours a day. Systems can aid the monitoring of stock, personnel, visitors, access control and prevent health and safety incidences.

Our systems range from a simple analogue internal package for smaller premises to highly advanced digital systems interfaced with Intruder and Access Control systems.

Installing the right equipment for particular situations and circumstances are imperative for getting the most out of the system. That's where the expertise of F.R.F Alarms make sure the technology works for you.

The images can be recorded locally and also have the facility to be monitored remotely via the internet. Using the very latest technology and highest quality equipment, we can take CCTV beyond simple basic observation using:

  • Solo or Multi Camera Systems
  • Concealed (Covert) Cameras
  • Colour or Monochrome Systems
  • Movement Activated Systems

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