Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

We thrive on technology, innovation and doing things differently. Our fire detection products are highly technologically advanced and include intelligent smoke detectors, sounders, manual call points and control panels.

F.R.F Alarms will design and install fire detection and alarm systems that provide cost-effective and reliable solutions to a wide range of fire detection applications.


Domestic Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

A professionaly fitted fire detection and alarm system installed into your home will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you are doing all you can to minimise the effects of fire on your family and home.

Our fire alarm systems are designed to ensure adequate warning is provided to all occupants of your home to allow them sufficient time to escape to a place of safety and to summon the local fire fighting force so as to minimise the risk to life and limit fire damage to building contents and its structure.

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Commercial Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Protecting your business with an F.R.F Alarms fire detection and alarm system will provide you with a cost effective way of ensuring the continued protection of your staff, equipment, stock and operational effectiveness of your business.

Our fire alarm system designers will design a system for the protection of life and property, and can be installed throughout the property or installed within defined areas of risk as determined from the findings of a fire risk assessment, local fire authority requirement or insurer's stipulation.

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Fire System Maintenance Contracts

Ensuring that your fire detection and alarm system continues to operate efficiently is paramount to the protection of your home or business. F.R.F. Alarms offer various ongoing maintenance contracts that conform to British Standards 5839 Part (1) 2002, ensuring that your system remains trouble free.

With contracts ranging from 12 months to 5 years, we have maintenance packages to suit all requirements. Please enquire for more information.


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